Monday, February 22, 2010

Recycled Rainbows

How to Use Up Patterned Papers and Embellishments You Don't Really Like (anymore):

1. Cover your embellishments with book paper so they will match any project.
2. Cut patterned paper into skinny strips and use them to make rainbow coloured embellishments3. Paste strips of patterned paper onto cardstock, paste a mask or a stencil over it (I made a letter 'S') and whitewash all over. Then stamp onto the whitewashed areas.
I used up 15 different sheets of patterned paper making this book. (I had a different colour scheme for each page) Not that its very much of a dent in my scrapbook stash.....but hey, its fun trying right? haha.


Edleen said...

it's awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Great idea!
- Kate

Wati Basri said...

coolness Sharon! thanks for sharing :)

teacher jessy said...

That is super brilliant!! Love your idea very much. Definitely a great way to use up those old papers :)