Saturday, February 28, 2009

February Fave

This was my favourite project in February - mainly because I got to play, play, play. Plus the colours were so happy and smiley.

Project: Canvas Art Bag (I converted a canvas book into a bag. Its for containing all my paintbrushes, pencils, scissors and other art materials - yeah, as if it can all fit in there - haha)

For this project, I used Claudine Hellmuth Studio acrylic paints and made lots of happy colourful washes of colour on the canvas (a bit like watercolour). Then I collaged lots of pictures and whimsical details on the outside using Claudine Hellmuth Studio gloss medium.

A closer look at the outside

1. Claudine Hellmuth's Studio acrylic paints are really cool - even though you dilute them down, the colours are still super vibrant and rich - really nice.

2. Crepe Paper is really nice incorporated into a collage - the gel medium turns it translucent and it makes beautiful layers.

3. I am abnormally averse to glitter - everyone in my class rubbed stickles over all their pages to get sparkly backgrounds, unlike me who only used it on one page.

Inside page: with elastic for holding pens and brushes.
Did a medium transfer on the canvas with a photocopied photo.
Pocket Pages:
No, its not your eyes (or my camera) - I made it blurry on purpose - stamped in the wash while wet. (And that's why there's fish - cos its wet - haha)
Hope you all had fun at class and felt like an artist for the day - I certainly did.


Sue said...

This is such a gorgeous project Sharon. And you very funny. Wet that's why got fish. hahahaha!

claudine hellmuth said...

these are amazing!!! is it alright for me to post a link to you from my blog?
thank you for using my paints!

sharon Ong said...

yes, certainly! I would be honoured.

~Sasha Farina~ said...

so making me wanna be a student again... i just might sign up and be your most difficult student ever!

Edleen said...

can i have this bag??? hehe...

how fun to play with paints! the messier the better :D love your work as always Sharon :)

Shirley said...

Wahahaha! Love the mess on that bag!! I bought tat bag from LP months ago and nvr had any inspiration to get going on that. You made my day(and bag!)
Lovely lovely lovely!

Jennie (Jenn) said...

lovely as usual, how are you feeling? sorry got to cancel the class... can we do it "private"? let me know.. hehehe :p

Paula Clare said...

I LOVE the collage-y ness of the bag! It is GORGEOUS! The colors are completely fab...I have been DYING to try out Claudine's stuff, have yet to find a store nearby that carries her studio line...perhaps I'll order by mail. Yes, yes, that's it...I so LOVE the design and style of your bag...if I copy it or do something similar I will be SURE to let you know!