Friday, February 20, 2009

This Needs Photos

Here's some full pics of the "Year in Review" album I designed for February class. We just finished the last class of this and I hope everyone had a good time.

Album Title: "Older and Hopefully Wiser - The Year in Review"
I really love this colour combi - Teal and brown - lovely. Don't you just love that Oliver Owl to bits? And did you know Betty embossed owls and stamped images for every single person in class?This album's made up of all kinds of different chipboard and cardstock pages and plastic pockets a-la-Ali Edwards. (Pages mostly from 7G pages meant for the carousel). Hey, did you notice my dirty black fingerprint on the library pocket?! tsk tsk so messy Sharon)Tags plus gaffer tape = instant mini book.A gaffer tape -hinged flip book, with plastic pockets too.Love this colour of glimmer mist - Patina + Meadow Green + Twilight

Hope your weekend is restful.


Edleen said...

i *heart* everything that you so!

have a fun weekend :)

Wendy Kwok said...

Love love the TEAL!... my fav colour now! This album is amazing.. so many little nooks and pockets.

Peggy said...

You're so right, this colour combination is gorgeous, in fact, this whole album looks so wonderful!
xxx Peggy

Piradee said...

hi sharon, had so much fun in your class... was wondering if you could let me know from what brands where the pattern papers from... currently trying to add even more pages....hehheee. thanks piradee

sharon Ong said...

Hi Piradee,
could find your email or blog address (can't access your profile, so hope you see this..) The papers are from various brands:
1. Making Memories: blue floral; tan polkadot
2. Fontwerks: Brown diamond
3. Creative Imaginations: Black scallops
4. Jenni Bowlin: cream with black leaves,
5. Anna Griffin: cream with grey leaves
6. Dream Street: blue with black leaves; white notepaper
7. Hambly: black journaling blocks

You can tell I like to mix brands...haha. Hope this helps.

Piradee said...

thank so much sharon!! you're the best!

Paula Clare said...

LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Your scrapbook style is very similar to mine...LOTS of embellishments and LOTS of vintage "overdoing it." How I adore it!