Sunday, February 22, 2009

Die Die Must Attend!!!

I am trying to say this very calmly but it's just not possible:

Donna Downey is coming - she's teaching a mixed media round canvas class (Swoon!)
Kah-Mei Smith is coming - she's teaching a mini album stamping technique class (WoooHooo!)
Tia Bennett is coming - she's teaching a freestyle mini album class with some hybrid digital stuff (Faint!!!)

They'll all be coming to Singapore to an event organised by Laine's on 25th April.

So, you HAVE TO COME!!!! You HAVE TO COME!!! Tell all your scrapbooking friends - this is the first time we ever had so many wonderful guests coming together - its a super rare opportunity! It is going to be SOOOOOO great!

Details here

Forgive me while I go hyperventilate now.

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~Sasha Farina~ said...

u know what i will do right? as per my sms? hahahahaha :D