Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Thankful Today

Layout Title: "Little Boys are...."
Today I am thankful for this little boy - despite his stubborness, despite his impulsiveness and the ants in his pants. He is a hard nut to crack - Is it just me or are boys just 'like that' (?) Or just mine? Ah, my sweet Beanie B - life is an adventure eh?

On a Scrapbooking Note:
1. This is a fun (but tedious) thing to try with KI Memories lace cardstock. Select different patterns and use them to 'fill the gaps' in the lace cardstock. In order not to drive yourself bonkers, you might find it easier to trace the area you want to cover and then cut the 'patch' slightly inside the line, so that it 'fits'. I backed the whole thing with black cardstock.

2. This is one of my all time favourite photos. Taken with him standing just below me and looking up at the camera. Looks like those big-headed doggie photos eh? Haha.

Q: What ya up to Sharon?:
A: Lots of things!

1. I am admiring the new CHA arrivals that came into the store (very very cute - even messy grungy me approves) - I like the new Cosmo Cricket Snorkel and Girl Friday patterns best.

2. I am dreaming of March projects and being thankful for a job where I am paid to dream. (trying to get into 'cute' mode cos I have lots of funky colours to work with. You all are going to say "so not you" again, I just know it)

3. and I made a card (that I actually like):

Cardmaking is hard for me. I find it hard not to over-fuss and have to resist reaching for the ink and smearing it all over (Ink covers a multitude of 'sins' don't you know?). So....small card, big achievement for the shmoo.


~Sasha Farina~ said...

small card from a big heart like yours. . . always will turn out gorgeous!

jazsutra said...

Sharon,goin thru your pages,im in awe with your talent! every piece of work is gorgeous.thx for coming by my blog.yes,i think i should just marry the scissors hahaha! tfs your beautiful projects sharon.i want to go LP!!! but baby don't allow.c u soon there i hope ;)

Wendy Kwok said...

Love LO... love that pop of yellow coming out... so zesty and lively. Very great combination. Love it

AnnaB said...

Wow, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that layout! And what you did with the Lace cardstock is fabulous! I love the card too...!

Karmele said...

Gorgeous!!! I love them!!!! Bravoooo!!