Monday, February 2, 2009

Can You Be Worried And Happy at the Same Time?

When you're a mom... of course!!! All the time!
I did this layout some time back but I'm finding that this week, I need to 'hear' this again.

Layout Title: "Don't Worry About Me Mummy"
Don't Worry About Me Mummy,
- I will learn as I grow
- I'll find my own way
- God is watching over me

Favourite Bits:
1. The stamped journaling lines on the sides. (This was the first time I realised you actually get nice results not inking the whole stamp - ink it 'uneven' instead)
2. The black streaks - I made those with an inky metal ruler (Hey! Happy Accident!)
3. The little cloud stamps from Bampop
4. The photo -love that lip!

And a few people have been asking me, so......

This is a Shmoo...He doesn't talk, just makes cute squeaky sounds and he can stretch / change into almost any shape. It was my nickname in school and there was also a cartoon on TV back when I was a kid.....around same time as Captain Caveman, Penelope Pitstop, old Scooby Doo, (Any 70s babies out there?)

So.....gloo (cos I use lots of it), shmoo (cos that's me) and glooshmoo (cos it sounds like when you say "fancy shmancy" - its fun to say and doesn't take itself too seriously - that's me I hope...).

Told ya I was a junkie for symbolism.


Peggy said...

I love the photo (yep, I fell for that lip too) and the LO looks great, especially the stamping! I've only started stamping a few days ago, I never really had the nerve to try this, and I actually love the look it gives, especially like you said the ones who aren't done in full and like you, I had accidents that turned out pretty cool!
xxx Peggy

AnnaB said...

Yep, constantly worried and happy... I totally know what you mean... It's not easy.

I love the journaling lines! Great layout!

Edleen said...

4 times the worry for me ;) especially now with a teenager...

i remember those cartoons! aren't we the lucky ones to get all the cool ones with no digital editing? ;)

Thanks for the encouragement Sharon and have a Fabulous February! *see you soon to "pass up" my homework ;)

L'Hélène said...

Schmoo looks like um... never mind! :-D