Wednesday, February 11, 2009

This is Me

Layout Title: "Quite the Scatter Brain"
This one is for Purple Onion.

Stamps featured:
-Date Me -What's the Point? (hey, hey, sounds like a funny conversation going on here...)
- Caution Label Set - SuperStar Set - Round Scallop Ledger Label - Broken 15 Alphabet - Late 1800's Script Background

Yes, I am aware that...
1. The background is very messy - it's supposed to reflect the state of my mind (actually its even messier than this - I don't even have a numbered list going on in there.)
2. The calendar is for January and I have March classes as number 2 on the to-do list - End of January is when I start thinking about classes for March.
3. That photo makes my nose look very piggy - but that's me too!

Favourite Bit:
The part that says "CAUTION, DO NOT OVERLOAD"

Here's wishing us all a clear-brained day ahead! (Well, I can hope...)

OOPS! Almost Forgot!
There's a super good Clearance Sale going on at Laine's right now. 40% off! Details here.
Lucky I didn't forget this one.


Sue said...

This is such a fun one, Sharon. I don't think I've seen any layouts with you as the focus and that confused look on your face's farnee! I like how you managed to put so many Purple Onion stamps on the layout. :) Classic inimitable Sharon layout. :D

Wendy Kwok said...

So cute.. this is really a funny LO. BTW, shi-fu of techniques.. I need to ask you a question. Can email me at thanks

Wati Basri said...

so cute this lo sharon....i like it :)

Edleen said...

love that look on your photo Sharon! so cute laa :D and Great layout!

have a Fab Week!

jazsutra said...

SO COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!! love the uniqueness of this page!