Monday, October 5, 2009

It Isn't Lantern Festival Unless Something Gets Burnt

We celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival over the weekend. The kiddies had fun...And Hello Kitty got 1st degree burns....This happened to my rabbit lantern too when I was little, and also one of last year's lanterns, so I can see Beth is carrying on a grand tradition.

And speaking of tradition....

Layout Title: "Reminisce" (can't believe I had to look up how to spell "reminisce" - don't tell the MOE ok?)
I like
1. how the Purple Onion definition stamps turned out on the right side.
2. The photo - yes, that's me (and no, I cannot be bothered to try to look like that everyday)
3. How the coloours came together - everything looks sepia now!
Song for the day: "We'll go dancing in the dark.....walking through the park and reminiscing..."


Sue said...

That's one nice vintagey layout, Sharon! Me like! And that photo's so un-you :) Elaine's dd looks just like her. :)

Brainybairn said...

Found you too! LOL!
I always wondered if you had a blog!! LOVE your stuff! Am now really wishing I bought those BG bird cage papers. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Congrats on the opening of Paper Market!!

Wendy Kwok said...

Wow... you look so dainty and girly. I like the vintage look. Also not your usual stuff... the LO is pure girly-ness but I like it lots!

Amelia said...

This is a beautiful layout! I love the colors that you've used.

Julie said...

just adore your layout Stunning

Edleen said...

Sharon, one day must bother and turn up like that! sure get lots of Oohs and Aahs ;)

love that layout! and the kiddies surely must have enjoyed themselves...hehe

have a fun week!

Shirley said...

My daughter's finger got burnt too! She tot the candle flame was a toy and tried to catch it!
I simply love love love your sepia LO! So beautiful!!

jazsutra said...

WOWWWWW! First I adore your hello kitty lantern and then im soree that it got burnt...and then THUD!!! yur LO is super duper gorgeous! love the lil nyonya theme here ;)-jaz

Peggy said...

wow, this LO is gorgeous! You're right, it all came together so well, a perfect page!
xxx Peggy

Lia said...

Ooooo you yummy Nonya, you! :) Well classic beauty doesn't need a lot of work, and yours come naturally every day! Glad I haven't been down to the store yet since you're busy ... will disturb you when your deadlines are all done! *huggggs*