Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sneaky Sharon

I am done! (well, more or less) - finished designing 3 classes for November. I showed you sneaks of one of them earlier, but thought I'd put all the sneaks up together here:

1. "Have Suitcase Will Travel" - altered Maya Road Suitcase (for Laine's) 2. "Origami Adventure" - mini album featuring some of the fun folds and mini books I learnt from my reading. (for Laine's)
the plane moves...3. "Yummy Scrummy" - mini album using Fancy Pants mixed page album and lots of food-themed stuff. I made: a cake, a toaster (with toast of course!), a mug and an oven mitt (amongst other things)
Things to Be Happy About:
1. I get to go back and teach some classes at Laine's again - yay for me!!!
2. If you sign up for both the Suitcase and the Origami class, you'll get a pack of my all time favourite twill alphabets free.
3. I am done! I am done! I am done! (actually now I have to make a duplicate of the "Yummy" album 'cos its running at both stores....sigh)

Ok...back to the factory


~Sasha Farina~ said...

i need to pick your brain for a day Sharon.. !

chunot76m said...

Hi Sharon,
Its nadhrah from scrappingglitz. Heard so much about you from Mich. You did a great job here. Love it. Just got time to browse ur blog.

Wati Basri said...

sharon dear, love that suitcase...i'm inspired!

evelyn.boon.s.k said...

I love both the suitcase and origami!!! Please please please do the classes again in Dec! I can't make it for Nov. Sob Sob!
Btw Fang Fang says hi to you and Elaine. Small world! I just found out that you know her. Am going to visit her in Nov and bringing a whole lot of SB & arts and crafts stuff for her!

Anonymous said...

great to have you back at Laines!! :D