Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Where the Cookies Went

Some time back I 'baked' some modelling paste cookies (recipe here).
They ended up as little white flowers on this album. (all the other cookies were given out during the class)

"Origin of the Species" - Chatterbox wooden cover album

Happy Accidents and Experiments:

1. Gold Foil Texture - The gold stuff on the background is gold foil (Stewarts) - for the life of me, I have never been able to get this stuff working properly (you're supposed to be able to stamp an image and foil it but I just can't seem to get it right - I blame the Singapore weather!). So, anyways, I got fed up with trying to make it neat and did this: - I stamped using a cookie cutter and elmer's glue....and then smacked the gold foil on. Brushed away the excess bits, dried the glue with my heat gun and voila....not bad. The lumpy texture is a result of my vigorous brushing but it turned out pretty ok.

2. Glitter Glue - I used Stickles (which is a glitter glue) as a glue - (duh! Sharon!) Squirted a blob of glitter glue, pressed in a button, let the glitter squirt out the side and leave to dry. (Don't laugh ok - it was a real 'lightbulb moment' for me) - then I purposely drew white dots around them so you would notice how pleased I was with myself...haha!

3. Super Bumpy Flower Centre - Made a big blob of liquid glue, then sprinkled beads in. Heated it, watched it sputter and bubble, burst the bubbles along the way, then coloured with Staz On ink - love to touch this bit (after its cool of course) - its super hard and bumpy!

And after all that mess....tired already so did this inside....
Yes, that's me. And yes, I looked like a boy when I was little....


Peggy said...

LOL Sharon, all babies look like boys when they're little, don't feel bad LOL.
I had a good laugh reading your description this time, I'm glad to hear you're so pleased with yourself LOL. I understand completely though, been there myself :-)
xxx Peggy

Edleen said...

Sharon, cute baby you! :D
what an awesome album. i wanna see.

have a great weekend :)