Friday, October 23, 2009

She's Coming to Papermarket

This little lady was sold out in September, but will be making a re-appearance in PaperMarket's November class line up.

Here's a closer look at her:
This was one of those projects where ' magic' happened - everything just came together all in a rush. I had fun making the dress.....but I wouldn't be caught dead wearing something like that (fleshy upper arms are best hidden in my case - haha). Funny how scrapping style doesn't match dressing style....does yours?

p.s. Class doesn't include the stand, but you can buy it during class at a special discount.


Sasha Farina said...

i sometime wear those.. hahahha.. because i figured, if i were to wait until i get nice looking, toned upper arms, i would never get to wear it! so just do it.. LOL.

Laney said...

I love it, this is gorgeous!

My scrap style tends to be shabby chic, but my house is modern, and I'm so not a flowers in the hair kinda girl! I'm a jeans and fab top kinda girl.

Do you think our scrapping style is another part of us that needs to get out?