Monday, October 12, 2009

Strangest Thing I ever Altered

Guess what this is?Ans: Its a Dove Shower Gel bottle - after a scrapbooking makeover

I had fun designing this for a workshop we ran last week. The challenge was to turn the bottle into something useful. So I made this thing that's got little hooks (made from brads fixed into the flowers the 'wrong way round') where you can hang things like rings and little earrings - although personally I think you have to be quite chao pattern princess to be the kind to hang your earrings and jewellery on a special stand before you take a bath - wouldn't you just put them on your dresser table? (Hmmm....but then, I have no jewellery to speak of, so what would I know eh?)

Here's version 2: You can hook earrings onto the rows of lace.
The workshop was fun - and I got free shower gel (which smells great incidentally) - so all in all, it worked out great.
By the way, thought you might like to know - the lovely ladies on the Laine's design team now take turns to blog every day on the Laine's blog - I share a little technique every tuesday and each of the girls shares inspirational projects and ideas and sneaks of their classes - lots of good stuff and free ideas! (Even better than getting free shower gel!)


Shirley said...

U very funny leh! Is that workshop hosted by the shower gel company? At least now you have free shower gel and a cute cute earring stand! Hahahaha!

Wendy Kwok said...

HOw cute! This is sooooo much fun! Love it

~Sasha Farina~ said...

oh not me.. i dump them all around the house. LOL

Edleen said...

saw you altering this!
ohh...they turned out so lovely :)

have a fun weekend!

Lia said...

You altering queen, you! Even a shower gel bottle not safe from you ah? hee! I particularly like the first one!

Did Dove sponsor you with the shower gels? Lucky lucky you ... love Dove! Though I'm not a big fan of the new fragrances, only the original white/blue one for me!

I do have a stand for my earrings ... but *ahem* not enough for my collection lah! So some are *ahem* scattered around the house, in handbags, *ahem* under the sofa ... lol!