Sunday, October 25, 2009

If I had to Choose Only 2 Cardstock Colours...

Black and white - absolutely. No contest - black and white go with everything!

Here's black and white with blue....her favourite. (Hmmm....just realised the background doesn't actually look very white in this photo.....)

Layout Title: "Happy Happy Birthday Dear Beth"
Sharon is Feeling Very Singaporean :
Its probably not very clear (cos its in the background) but I 'enlarged' a 6X6" square of GCD parisian labels pattern paper into an 9X9" square. Here's how:

Cut all the labels apart from the patterned paper (this would work with any other pattern that has many 'pictures' on it)
2. Spread them out on your larger piece of cardstock (or in my case chipboard).
3. Whitewash the whole piece, carefully painting around the images.
4. See, you save money and it looks artsy at the same time! How Singaporean is that!

I wish the weather wasn't so Singaporean today....sigh.


Peggy said...

Hey Sharon, just like you, I tend to buy only white and black cardstock, as well as kraftpaper (yummie!!!!). Needless to say then I love your LO, the colour palette is very eyecatching, bold and romantic at the same time ... how do you do it???!!!! Lovely work!
xxx Peggy

Wendy Kwok said...

I love this colour Combo! Beautiful! Your girl is the same age as my elder one. hee..hee.... all the 8 yr old behaving like 12... mid teenagers soon! LOL

jazsutra said...

Beautiful page Sharon! this is the class that I "sat in" with Betty ;) Had fun admiring the LO throughout ;) tfs it here ;) ps": your gal is pretty...all grown up ;)-jaz

Chowchow said...

What a gorgeous page Sharon. Thanks for sharing.

chunot76m said...

Incredibly gorgeous!

Julie said...

simply stunning love the layers.