Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's Good to Get My Hands Dirty Again...

I've missed this....getting messy, playing, not knowing how things will turn out....The recent projects I've been designing have been rather 'clean' and so its nice to feel that spark of child-like enthusiasm again.....makes me feel like 'me'.

Here's the result of my 'playtime':

Layout Title: "Popcorn" - There's a Reason Why They Call It Popcorn - 'cos you just can't stop going pop! pop! pop! pop! pop! pop!Purple Onion Stamps: Circle Set, Skinny Dip Alpha (I am addicted to colouring these in with white pen)

Wanna Play?
Let's Make An "Exploding Nebula" Background:

You will need:

1. Glimmer Mist
2. Embossing powder (a few colours) and heat gun
3. Liquid glue
4. White Staz On ink

Playtime! (aka Happy Accidents Which Happen When You Can't Find Your Embossing Ink or Glue Pad - See Step 3 and 4)

1. Stamp white shapes with white Staz On ink (I used the ring from the Purple Onion circle set) - these will later give you 'ghostly' images in the background

2. Spray on glimmer mist varying the intensity in different spots patchy is good - this will give you a 'soft cloud' effect - reminds me of a distant galaxy

3. While the glimmer mist is still wet, sprinkle on various colours of embossing powder and heat set. - I poured lime green, yellow, orange and red embossing powder into my hands, then rubbed my hands together (with glee!) to sprinkle the mixed up powders onto the wet glimmer mist - I suppose you could just sprinkle it in the more 'conventional' way, or sprinkle with 3 fingers like a princess, but this way is more fun!4. Draw ' streaks' or 'explosion lines' with liquid glue, sprinkle on white embossing powder and heat set. - The nice thing is that as the embossing powder melts, the liquid glue also starts to bubble which sort of 'raises' your embossing powder taller plus breaks it up a bit and gives it more 'bumps' and texture.

And speaking of playing - a happy hello to the ladies who had fun playing with me in class today! Thanks for the yoguru Val & Caroline!

*sings* - somebody come and play, somebody come and play today....


Sue said...

Wah!! Me likey!! The galaxy feel is superb!

Tinkerbell said...

WAH!!! I *LOVE* this !! I want to do a galaxy-ish LO too ! Thanks for sharing !

Wati Basri said...

tis way too cool sharon.thanks for sharing!

Edleen said...


Happy Friday and enjoy the weekend :)

Peggy said...

Cool LO Sharon, thanks for the how-to's!
xxx Peggy

Shirley said...

U bin beezy eh?! Love your 'dirty' classes. Allows me to get my hands dirty and my house floor clean! (Cos I'm doing it at Lp la!) Hahaha!