Tuesday, September 15, 2009

SHE did It...

With the new store opening, it seems like a good time to mention this...

I've said it before but its worth saying again.....She's the one behind it all... and I am so grateful for her. I don't know how she does it all...Layout Title: "The Laine Behind Laine's Papeterie"

I Like:
1. The photo - this was taken at an event in our old store classroom (remember the one where you always had to say "excuse me excuse me" when trying to get in or out of your seat?) And there she is hiding in the back making sure everything is going well, leaving the limelight to somebody else...It's not a glam shot, but it 'speaks' to me.

2. Making Paper flowers:

  • Cut strips of pattern paper (about 1 or 2" thick)
  • Start with a centre circle (punched out or cut)
  • Wet your hands and scrunch the pattern paper, gluing around the centre circle. Then build layers of paper going round and round. Keep hands moist so its easier to scrunch the paper.
3. Ribbon Vines:
  • Sketch out where you want your vines to grow and then put glue along the lines.
  • Glue on skinny ribbon, twisting and turning as you come to the curves.
4. Leaves Made with a Circle Punch (happy accident!):
  • Punch out a circle
  • Place the punched out circle back into the punch and take a 'bite' out of it to make a leaf
  • (you can get maybe 3 leaves out of one circle)
  • To get the 'veins' on the leaves - crease and sand on the crease or use an edge scraper (just a leeetle bit)
Gotta go - October project deadlines coming closer.


Sue said...

This is such a great layout, Sharon! I like this shot of Elaine too. She always looks great, doesn't she? Congrats on the new store again!

Peggy said...

Oh wow, this is great, I love the flowers and the leaves, the whole page is just stunning. I like this pic as well, I can see why it speaks to you, it shows a natural beauty.
xxx Peggy

Anne-Marie said...

This is beautiful, Sharon!! So full of texture and vintagy feeling.. :) And congrats to Elaine too! Definitely go to head down to the new store to look-see soon!: )

yyam said...

Love the paper flowers and those ribbon stems! I think it's great that you have such a great relationship with your sister! Congrats on the new store! :)

Wati Basri said...

such a precious layout and of course i wonder too how she did it!! she is such a gem and owe it to her for teaching me on my 1st SB class and the rest is history :) and of course congrats to both of you again for the new awesome 'out of the world' store....cheers!

Wendy Kwok said...

I saw this LO in the store and I went 'wow'! I love the shot... like you said we seldom see her becos she is working at the background. Awesome LO!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

she is one amazing woman and a great friend too!!

jazsutra said...

STUNNING! an dthe story is so touching!