Saturday, September 26, 2009

I've Got the Blues...

10 Reasons Why Blue is Better Than Pink:
1. You can use it for both girl and boy layouts.
2. It goes great with brown (one of my other favourites) and almost anything else (see next reason)

3. Jeans are blue and they match anything

4. so is the sky

5. and the ocean

6. teal is a kind of blue

7. Blue is not a Barbie doll colour

8. Blue is also a feeling

9. Both my kids like the colour

10. And so do I

Here are some bluesy layouts I like a lot:

Layout Title: "Don't Ever Forget How Precious This Is"
Corniness Overload:
1. Did you see the finger stamp (Purple Onion) has a little string on it?
2. Elephants....'cos they never forget.
3. Stamp says "A Day to Remember"

4. At first glance the title says "Don't Forget This" but if you look closer at the smaller word stickers it says "Don't Forget How Precious This Is" - secretly pleased at my own little cleverness.

Quite Happy With:
1. The stamped circles - I cut out a circular 'hole' to use as a mask. Then stamped all my 'long' stamps to fill up the circle. Remove the mask and voila!
2. Texture around the circles is a combination of wax, ink and paint
3. The liquid applique ears of the Elephants - you have to try this stuff, it puffs up when you heat it (Laine's has some)

Layout Title: "Hop On"
Best Bit:
Making the 'vines' was the most fun. Here's how you can make them:
1. Separate the strands of twine at one end.
2. Hold one strand in one hand while pushing the other strand downwards with your other hand.
3. The strand will bunch up all nice and curly.
4. Then you can spread it back up a bit so it looks looser.
Learnt this from a Swedish friend - Karin Tolwers - simple and brilliant!

Are you feeling blue too?


Julie said...

great pages sharon love them

Wendy Kwok said...

Wow... loving the BLUES. Actually I had the same moment... cos I was looking at this week's 8days magazine and it was browns and blues staring at me. And I said to myself "what a great combo?" You nailed for these LOs. Gorgeous, Sharon!

Peggy said...

Beautiful pages ... I don't use blue much on my LO's ... don't know why...
xxx Peggy

Shirley said...

Cool Blue!! Just like you!
(Hey it even rhymes! Hahaha!)