Thursday, January 6, 2011

A December Class Favourite

Here's a project that was one of my favourites among the December classes.
(A very special thank you to all you lovely ladies who attended this class! :)

Altered multi-drawer box (from Karen Foster)
My favourite bits are actually the sides...(2-colour stamping on the back of Hambly screen print)And here's what's inside...A closer look....where you can see some 'fake wood' on the left sideHow to Fake Your Own Woodgrain
1. Rub a candle over a strip of kraft cardstock. (Be sure to NOT draw with the candle like a pencil but to rub the full length of the candle across the paper)
2. Rub distress ink over the strip, rubbing in circles to get the ink into the gaps.

Not real wood, but not bad. :)

Now to do some packing and put all those little drawers to good use! A little bit of spring cleaning before Chinese New Year comes?


teacher jessy said...

Aiyo you always so clever one!! I can see why it is a famous one! Thanks for the wood tip :)

Hanna said...

Hi Sharon,
wow, I just find your blog through Maja Design, and I have to say I LOVE your work!
You're truly talented, I could look at all these delicious details forever! Your creations are way beyond amazing, and I really enjoy reading what you're writing. I look forward to follow you on your blog journey! :)


Betty said...

Love this class too! but i cant get the box...

~Sasha Farina~ said...

you my friend.. are beyond talented. what should i call you?

Cath said...

It's so beautiful, I like your réa

Chok Keun said...

Saw this and it's really beauftiful!!! Loving everything, the details and colors!!!

Blossom inch said...

I am your new follower, love this box awesome job.

Jaime Lee said...

Awesome box! and fantastic idea of creating artificial wood grains :D I wish I can attend your class too!