Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hey it's Good to Be Back Home Again

I'm back - recovered from our Mickey Mouse overdose and missing the Japan weather....sigh.
Happy to be back to our little home where we belong. Here's a little something to share (one of the projects from May's class):
Door / Wall Hanging: "The Ngoos Live Here"
This is something fun to make out of those super thick Pageframes acrylic sheets - they make super sturdy bases for door hangings or room signs and things like that.

I like this..
1. The 'sky' is done with gesso (or paint) - brush a layer of gesso over your acrylic sheet. Wait till its dry, then use a stylus or old pencil to 'scratch' designs onto the gesso (i drew 'windy' swirls)
2. Those pencils are too cute - I bought a whole box of them just to keep and use for myself (they're coloured pencils)
3. If you collect together all your small rectangular shaped stamps, you can make quite a cool 'brick wall' pattern - like the one on my house. Wanted to emboss those so it would feel more bumpy (that would have been even nicer) but then it would take too long in class so...oh well.
4. Making trees from patterned paper - just a few tapered rectangles, and lots of punched out circles....easy peasy.

More to share soon. I'm finishing up July's classes - 3 down, last one to go - will show you peeks soon... there's one I'm really excited about. (and of course, that would be the messiest dirtiest one...haha)


Kate said...

glad to have you back, sharon! and i like the swirly wind on gesso! so clever!!

Wati Basri said...

gld to have you back!!

Peggy said...

oh this is soo cute, I love it!
xxx Peggy