Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Days are Here Again

Exams are over, weather's (quite) nice, no need to bug kids about schoolwork and studying....tra...laa...laa. I am happy!

And here's a happy sunshiney page to match the mood:

Layout Title: "Bloom and Grow"
Scrapping Specs: All papers from Jenni Bowlin

See the flag-petal flowers? - Flag-petal flowers make me happy.
See the flower stems made from leftover bits of brackets - bracket-bits-flower stems make me happy

See the Kodachrome slide stamp? - Kodachrome slides make me happy
See the tiny cat and the house and the bicycle and the tree? - tiny quaint stamps make me happy

Happy happy happy! Now let's see how long I can stay oblivious to the fact that i have only 10 days left and I haven't started designing ANY classes for December.......tra laaa laa...


Peggy said...

PRETTY!!!!! Those little stamps would make me happy as well, they are adorable, the perfect little touch to finish a page.
xxx Peggy

teacher jessy said...

I am happy for you because you are a happy!! Those are awesome reasons to be happy!! Yet another beautiful detailed layout, the colors are yummo :)

Emma said...

I have just found your blog and your work is just amazing. I love this layout, so pretty!