Friday, May 27, 2011

Scrunchie Flower Tutorial

Quote for the day:  "In the digital age, don't forget to use your digits! Your hands are the original digital devices!" - Lynda Barry

Let's make...Scrunchie Flowers!
1.  Cut strips of patterned paper (around 1 - 3 inches - depending on the size / height of flower you want) 
2. Fold strip in half lengthwise

3.  Then fold edges up towards the centre so that it sort of looks like a "W" when you look from the end.
4.  Hold the centre with your fingers a little ways apart (thank you Benny)
5. Press down and push your hands towards each other to scrunch the strip
6.Repeat this along the whole strip until you have a nicely scrunched up strip which you can then twist into a spiral.
 7. Arrange the spiral the way you like then glue it down on your page using a big puddle of glue (liquid glue). (Cosmo Cricket Glubers work great for this can pick some up at PaperMarket)

8.  Make some more!!! Thinner paper is easier...
Incidentally, this is a variation on ruffles I made for a layout 3 years (!!!) ago...took me that long to figure out I could twist it into a flower...haha!


Marília Lopes said...

I love the tutorial Sharon!!!
The flower is amazing!!!

Joy said...

What a fantastic flower tutorial it, thanks for sharing your talents! Hugs!

rajiv said...

The site has a unique education concept.

selena said...

it's right, the scrapbooking is universal!!! Thank you for the beautiful flowers, it's a good idea.

Nadhrah Maidin said...

totally awesome ideas. Thanks for sharing!

selena said...

i talk about your tutoriel on my blog.

~Sasha Farina~ said...

now those are looking very cute!

teacher jessy said...

So cute!! Love it!

Blossom inch said...

what a fun and easy flower tutorial!

Mara said...

I'll make the flowers are beautiful.
Thanks for the tutorial!