Monday, March 9, 2009

Grow Old With Me

Layout Title: "Grow Old With Me"
Saw a layout in a magazine that had a double page layout with a vertical orientation. (oh dear, can't seem to remember where now.... anybody remember where?) Thought it was cool and made one to show me and hubby growing together over the years. The thing on the left is supposed to be a timeline (see the clock face?) cum growth chart (see the leaves and the measuring tape?) - corny or what?

Fun Idea to Share:
You can't really see it in my photos but you actually get a very cool effect when you print your photos in black and white onto Basic Grey's 'textured' background paper - you know the ones that have no prints on them? Just grunge. I printed mine on the light grey one - turned out really cool. (You can see a bit of the texture in the photo of me holding the cat).

Hope you're having a good week....its a bit of a gloomy start this dreary Monday.


Sue said...

Fun fun fun layout Sharon! Love the timeline idea. :)

Edleen said...

not corny @ all!!! it's Gorgeous :)
and Thanks for tip!

have a great week :)

Anne-Marie said...

Hey Sharon!! You never told me you had a blog. How cool!! I'll definitely be stopping by often. :)

Wendy Kwok said...

Lovely LOs........ totally cool techniques

Sue said...

Thanks Sharon! :)

Paula Clare said...

Hi Sharon!
I LOVE the altered look of your pages! They are fabulous...what paper line did you use to create them? GORGEOUS!

sharon Ong said...

Hi Paula,

The papers on this page are from various different brands. (I tend to mix & match) Here's a list:
7Gypsies - the word paper and tape measure
SEI - the brown for the 'stem' and the olive green piece
Making Memories - green with small white leaves and the vegetation growing at the bottom of the 'vine'.
Anna Griffin - everything else

Hope that helps! Thanks for visiting!

Wati Basri said...

tis is soo gorgeous and precious Sharon! good one!!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

not corny lah!! very very nice!!