Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday's Got Me Moving

Been a while... it's time to get on with things. A little vegetating is good for the soul, but too much leads to brain rot and excessive prosperity around the tummy and butt...haha (says Sharon the Sunday couch potato sternly to herself)

Here's what I designed for last month's mini album class. I love the colours (teal teal teal!) and the clean-ness of it....hmm...funny....I think my style might be getting more simple? (Nah, its probably just a break before the crazy 'chao pattern' dirty-hand bug bites me again). I am schizophrenic that way - I like both clean simple things and excessively detailed pieces.
Project Title: "Just For You" (Fancy Pants mixed page mini album for DD)
I like this's got circle overload but I feel it kind of works. Plus it's got a transparent page that you can turn...(that's the most 'complicated' thing I did on this album...haha)
I like the rays of painted yellow sunshine (paint on felt has a nice texture)
These were fun to make (the big star is sewn into the felt and the little one is just Scrapper's Floss wrapped round a book ring). That's it for now....gotta get off my butt and go finish up more layouts for August classes! Show you sneaks soon - I like how August's mini album turned out.


Peggy said...

Pretty album!! I like this style as well, it's no good to stay with one style all of the time ... pretty soon all of your creations will look the same. It's good to have some variety I think.
xxx Peggy

Sasha Farina said...

such a cutie!!!! can't stand him lah... LOL