Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Everyday Things

We're back to school after a nice long weekend and things have fallen back into routine, homework and all the daily mummy duties....there are smiles and joy to be found even in these everyday things.

Layout Title: "Our Everyday Routine"
I really like how the little circle pictures look...and it was fun using my finger to draw the spiral in the white paint.

Here's a tip: if you put transparencies/ overalys onto your cardstock (I used Hambly), you can get quite a thick layer of paint on your page and not have your cardstock warping so much.

Note: The smaller circles are stamped in paint using the plastic packaging from my pack of Tim Holtz metal circle tags.

Layout Title: "This is Why It Takes So Long To Get Homework Done Around Here"
(It's probably a little hard to see but that's a photo of Benny trying to get his sister to play Spiderman while she's trying to do her Chinese homework)

I absolutely love love love the title - and the fact that it takes up more than half the page and the little turtle in the "LONG" is my favourite corny little detail.

K, gotta go. I'm late putting the Critters to bed and they're conveniently not hurrying me to finish this. Tomorrow's another every-day.


AnnaB said...

I really love these! All the paint and the colors are great! We still have one more week before school starts here.

Wati Basri said... how these two layouts just scream out of this it sharon!!

Wendy Kwok said...

These are 2 very funny LO! Love the colours

Chowchow said...

Sharon -- you are so talented, creative and arty all rolled into 1. Love all the los esp those with your finger paints.

jaz said...

Oh WOWWW! these two latest layouts are just so fresh and funky!love them to depth ;)-jaz