Monday, November 23, 2009

Good Girl (pat pat)

Been working hard to finish these classes:

1. "Learning By The Book" : we're gonna make this from scratch

2. "Global Inspirations" -3 layouts inspired by different cultures

And have managed to have time leftover today to muck around a bit...

Made a Merdrey-inspired crater for Technique Tuesdays on the Laine's blog.....(tutorial here)

and if you read the tutorial , you'll probably be able to figure out how I did this:

gonna treat myself to something yummy now!


Anonymous said...

Cool crater!!! =) i'm still behind in my projects...YIKES!


salme said...

I love that! Thank you for the tutorial! I hope to try that soon!

jazsutra said...

yummy peeks there and Definitely one great tutorial!tfs Sharon ;)-jaz