Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Boys

Hubby helped son with his bike-riding again yesterday....things like this make mummy happy. It's sweet.
Here's a layout of them together....with matching army jackets walking back to our hotel in Tokyo. They are very alike in many ways, these two...

"You Will Never Walk Alone" -lyrics from song by Point of Grace (No, its not the Man U one)'Technical' Info you might like to know:
1. The green stuff wrapped around the 'path' is floral tape - mine is 'ahem' Martha Stewart brand - expensive stuff ok? (haha)

2. there's brown distress stickles around the "walk alone" - looks like soil...(mental note...must do this again....)

3. The funny black markings around the edge of the pattern papers are made with chopped up rub ons.

I am feeling a little schizophrenic.....half at Laine's and half at PaperMarket - I'm gonna get confused and forget stuff and turn up at the wrong store one day....I just know it!


Wati Basri said...

nice one as usual Sharon..and don't worry lah you won't go to the wrong place one!

Wendy Kwok said...

This is a nice BOY LO which I love. Lovely colours and texture. hahaha.. you are seriously too funny.... when you said about turning up at the wrong place. I miss seeing you at Laines... pop by this week. Guess I got to 'catch' you at Paper Market

Merdrey said...

haha! You'll get a frantic phonecall if you turn up at the wrong place! Will miss having you at work today *hees*

Peggy said...

Lovely picture, lovely LO!!!! And yes, I love to hear about the "technical info", the info you give is priceless inspiration and ... you're definitely the one who made me appreciate "happy accidents" LOL.
xxx Peggy

salme said...

Thanks for the technical info! Love #3!