Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Minnasan wa Arigatougozaimashta

That means "Thank you everyone" in Japanese (I think....its been a while and my Japanese is really rusty).

Thank you all for signing up for this "Origami" class that didn't actually have that much "Origami" in it....haha. I hope you had fun!
Let Me Show You My Favourite Bits: (and teach you how to count in Japanese at the same time! Haha)

1. (Ichi) - the cover texture (dry brush Elmer's glue, let dry, ink with distress ink all over, use baby wipes to blend. The parts that are lighter are where my Elmer's glue was).2. (Ni) - This little bump - for some reason, this little 'kink' I made in the Tim Holtz filmstrip got me smiling. Maybe 'cos it fit the '09 stickers just right.3. (San) - My 'flying' aeroplane - it moves! 'Nuff said.
4. (Shi) - the City Skyline - I like how this page turned out. Just a simple pop-up fold and a Martha Stewart punch.
5. (Go) - And finally, some origami!Sayonara for now!


L'Hélène said...


Shirley said...

Awwww! This is just lovely! ANd the aeroplane MOVES!! Hahahaha!

teacher jessy said...

Your album is out of the world!! Love how u combined so many different techniques to create such an interesting album. Love it :)

The Nostalgic Scrapper said...

this is really really really nice...the elements just pop out and speaks to you...