Thursday, January 21, 2010

Benny is seven

Happy birthday my son! You have grown so much - in so many ways....we love you and thank God that He gifted us with you!

(He's listening to Ricky Astley)

Mini Envelope Book in Box - My Boy Ben
I made this quite a while ago for a class at Papermarket and today is the perfect day to revisit it.

(altered box - see the frogs? Love those frogs)(envelope book)
(one of my favourite shots)
Good to Know if you're a Scrapper:
The mini book is made of about 12 (same sized) envelopes. All you need to do is
1. tuck the flap of one envelope into the 'mouth' of another envelope,
2. glue flap in place
3. Insert the free flap of the 'mouth' envelope into the 'mouth' of another envelope.
4. Keep repeating this as many times as you wish.

The thing with this kind of book is that as you put more envelopes together, you'll find they don't 'line up' nicely so I tore the 'inner' envelopes so that everything 'fits' together within the 2 outermost envelopes.

This is seriously hard to describe in words....but after you try it, you'll know what I mean....I hope.
(Otherwise you'll just have to turn up at Laine's with a bunch of envelopes and a frustrated look - haha)


teacher jessy said...

Happy birthday Benny!! That is a fun & beautiful altered box. Gosh those frogs are so cute. Love your ideas... U r always so creative & come up with awesome creations :)

Julie said...

This is so cute. Hope Benny hada happy b'day.

Lia said...

I hope the family had a good celebration! :)

Miss you lots Sharon, thanks for leaving me lil lovenotes on my blog. I appreciate you so much. xo!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

Happy Birthday Ben!!! handsome little man you got there Sharon! :)