Monday, January 25, 2010

Smurf Eggs and Other Blue Things...

Blue Thing Number 1: Smurf Eggs
We had fun making these at home today - blue jelly eggs - aka Smurf eggs! (or Avatar eggs if you want to be more current)

Everything tastes better when its weird coloured right kids?
Blue Thing Number 2: Denim Album
(aka Harley Davidson album)
Designed this for a class too and now that class is over Nancy gets to take this home and fill it up with journaling for her little cutie.
Would you be Blue If I didn't Tell You?
1. How I got the photos looking like that: photoshopped to sepia, laser-printed on textured side of cardstock
2. How I got the brick print on the page corner and cover - stamped repeatedly with paint (for cover) and ink (on page) using packaging from Tim Holtz metal rectangle tags.

Incidentally, I'm done with classes for February and class sneaks are up at laines and Papermarket! Lots of new fun ideas to check out from Yanni, Merdrey, Jaz and Felicia

Be sure to drop by so we can wish you happy valentine's day next month and spread some scrappin' lurve!


Jessy Christopher said...

Oh wow!! The blue egg jellies are so cool! Looks like ur kids enjoyed eating them up. That denim album is gorgeous, I love the rugged look!!

Sasha Farina said...

i vote for smurfs. I don't 'get' avatar you know. I just don't get the pleasure in watching blue faced creatures with pointy ears? LOL.