Monday, March 28, 2011

Bursting With Excitement

We are... just about...almost...ready to...BURST!!!
...with excitement about the great deals on classes in April !!!

(Thank you for indulging me. You can tell that sentence was just an excuse to put in this series of cute photos right? - haha!!!)

But seriously, SUPER DEALS on April classes if you don't already know:

PLUS!!!! DONNA's COMING!!!!! Yayyyy!!!

Details on the classes are up on the store blog. And classes are open for booking already. :) See you soon!


Sue said...

Love that series of photos, Sharon. And that's one big bubble! :)

Julie said...

love those photos sharon

teacher jessy said...

Looks like someone just needed a reason to use the camera eh?! LOL. But you definitely snapped the cutest series of DD with the gum :) Oh how awesome that Donna is coming to Laine's!

Wati Basri said...

Cute pics Sharon!!