Thursday, March 10, 2011

Oldies are Goodies

I just realised recently that this is the year I turn 40.... the age at which its hard to call yourself "young" anymore. (though I must say that's not how old I am in my head - in there, I am always 21. And some days 15). *warning - long post ahead - 'old' people tend to ramble....So, just for fun, here are

40 Good "Old" Things: (in no particular order)
1. God and the Bible - hmmm...does this sound blasphemous?
2. my 'old man' Baboo
3. mummy and daddy
4. Kickapoo
5. old friends
6. Barley mints
7. Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis
8. the church where I grew up
9. Mamee noodle snack
10. "Every Breath You Take" by the Police
11. Billy Joel songs
12. 7Gypsies papers and embellishments
13. Queen - the band, not the monarch
14. ratty old t-shirts
15. Clint Eastwood
16. The Muppets
17. Smurfs
18. Huey Lewis and the News
19. Singing in the Rain (the movie)
20. the Shmoo (not me, the cartoon)
21. my old checked shirt
22. Archie comics
23. Agatha Christie books
24. Dune by Frank Herbert
25. San Zha (Haw flakes)
26. Geylang beef hor fun
27. old photos
28. Vintage findings
29. Old book pages in scrap projects
30. Coke - the original
31. Sesame Street
32. The Beatles
33. Old Disney cartoons
34. Captain Caveman
35. 'Aunty' Wan Tan mee
36. fountain pens
37. Mamee Noodle Snack
38. Butthead the cat
39. Pinky and the Brain
40. me!

And here's a super old vintagey style project to wrap things off for today:

A non-sewing book binding project we did in last month's class (A big thank you to the ladies who had fun messing around with this last month!) - there are a few last slots left this month I believe...The wraparound cover is made of Tim Holtz Grungeboard
and inside its got Tim Holtz Papers for all the pages and Graphic45 Steampunk embellishmentsWe did image transfer on the covers and I reallly like how you can still see the shadowy shapes of the grungeboard alphas showing through (can see?)
And you can obviously tell I didn't plan my transfers which explains why the Eiffel tower is upside down...

K, that's it from me today. Old already....tired, need to go lie down. Haha!


Eve said...

Sharon it is glorious to turn 40!!! I just arrived too! Now i can officially call myself middle age. Hehee....

Blossom inch said...

oh my, oh this book babe! Totally love it, the vintage look, colours and everything...I want!!!!:)

Sue said...

beautiful book, Sharon. Love your style. :)

Lorraine said...

Wow, gorgeous book creation! Love it! And thanks for the trip down memory lane - although I don't recognize everything and I'm older than you, LOL! And what is Mamee Noodle Snack? Must be good because you listed it twice, lol!

Betty said...

love this book...have fun with the ladies...

Julie said...

love the book sharon.

teacher jessy said...

Happy belated birthday, Sharon! You look good. It's fancy to know u a lil better. Love that book. Wow!!

Chok Keun said...

haha, Sharon, it doesn't matter that your Effiel Tower is upside down as the album is still so lovely!!!

In fact, I had my Effiel Tower upside down without checking the orientation properly!