Saturday, October 18, 2008

Stamping with Abandon

Layout: "Together is the Best Place to Be"

This is my favourite layout from September's "Botanic" class cos of how the Critters were so natural in the photo and how 'free' the stamping felt - using the roller stamps was super fun.
Happy Accidents and other discoveries:
1. Used KI Memories lace cardstock as a mask and rubbed ink over it to create the pattern on the left. (When you don't like the words, just reverse them and then it becomes texture - nice)

2. Not cleaning your roller stamp and using the 'leftover' ink to grunge up the edges of your layout is cool - just the right amount of ink (you have to zoom in on the pic to see it clearly) (plus you don't have to clean your stamps so much!)

3. Not inking your journaling stamps fully makes good grunge edges that are not to 'blocky'

4. Black and blue - makes you think of bruises, but actually works really well as a colour scheme. (But then, for me, black goes with everything -haha)
By the way, for everyone who attended the class, all 3 layouts are up on Laine's Gallery in the "Designer Studio Archives" http:// if you need to refer to them.

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