Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Those Cursed Stickers!!!!!

Altered Art: Heidi Swapp Clock
This is another project I designed for October.

1.This photo of the Critters - both smiling, both so happy.
2. The way the different types of blue paper came together - my kind of colours

1. Arranging those cursed transparent stickers!!!! I decided to be 'funny' (or as those of you who know me would say "chao pattern") and stick the stickers on the inside of the transparent cover that closes the clock face. I had a horrible time trying to position them the way I wanted and tore quite a few stickers in the process.

By the way... we'll be running this class one last time in November at Laine's so you can do it up as a Christmas present - makes a nice gift eh? You can get it in pink/red too if you like. I'll be sure to include warnings about those cursed stickers - haha!


~Sasha Farina~ said...

love that clock Sharon!

Sal said...
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Sal said...

Hahahaaa....Sharon, u crack me up wif the cursed stickers post....awesome altering of the clock & im totally in love wif how the transparent stickers turn out!!

sharongoo said...

thanks Sal, thanks Sasha!