Monday, January 12, 2009

Best Way to End the Day

After a long day of stock taking nothing beats coming home to big hugs from these two...

Layout Title: "B is for Benjamin & Elizabeth Starts with E"
Did this layout quite a while ago using Jenni Bowlin papers and bingo cards.

Happy Accidents & Other Symbolic Gestures:
1. If you fold 2 bracket pages in half and glue them down side by side, you get a cool page that has hidden journaling on 2 sides. (Picture 2 shows my layout opened on the "Elizabeth side" and Picture 3 shows it opened on the "Benjamin side"). I actually used only half of each bracket and made do with cardstock for the other half cos we didn't have enough brackets for class materials, but it would have been much easier to just fold 2 brackets in half.

2. I like how the Bingo cards had the Critters' ages ( I highlighted those in colour)

3. I basically massacred the Bingo cards beyond recognition - good fun. (The numbers became boxes for the mini photos to sit on and the borders became frames for the photos. Saved the word for title elsewhere.)

Definitely one of my favourites.

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~Sasha Farina~ said...

oh love all the cut work! gorgeous colors too! Miss you Sharon!!!