Monday, January 12, 2009

Midnight Musings

Can't sleep....don't know why. Was watching the news earlier and its all really rather depressing... And at the same time, behind me my little boy was laughing and giggling getting tickled by his daddy. Maybe this song kind of sums up what I was feeling...

Laughing Matters:
(by Mark Waldrop & Dick Gallagher; performed by Bette Milder on her "Bathhouse Betty" album - really good album this one)

Live at Five and CNN keep us all abreast
of breaking stories that can tend
to make us anxious and depressed.
Problems with no answers
hang on like some chronic cough.
And every day some brand new issue
rears it's head to piss you off.

Bad guys win.
Optimism's wearing thin.
Things are spinning out of control.
Cynicism's all the fad.
World events could make us mad
as hatters.
Almost every day
some underpinning slips away.
These aren't laughing matters.

Time bombs tick.
People keep on getting sick.
And a nickel's not worth a cent.
Wickedness and greed abound.
Just as peace is gaining ground
it shatters.
Hate is here to stay,
and justice goes to those who pay.
Friend, these aren't laughing matters.

The truth is scarrier by far
than anything that Stephen King could write.
The stories in the paper are
the daily small decline and fall
spelled out in black and white.

Oh, what to do, what to do?
how to take a brighter view
when your noodle's totally fried.
Human spirits need to be
leavened by a little levity.
So take those blues
and bounce them off the wall.
Keep your humor please,
'cause don't you know it times like these that
laughing matters most of all.

So, this year, I will remember to laugh, to hope, to be grateful for everything God has blessed me with - that I have many reasons to laugh. Happy New Year (again)! - I think I found my resolution for 2009 at last.

p.s. Don't you think the song title would be great on a layout?

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