Friday, January 23, 2009

February Sneaks

Before I disappear for a while (Chinese New Year lah), here are peeks of the classes running at Laine's in the month of February. Drop by to see the real thing or just to say hello.

"A Touch of Whimsy" (DS - WHIMSY): mixed media, canvas art bag. There'll be homework after class.

"A Year in Review" (DS - REVIEW): mixed page album. Super value. New favourite colour - teal (even the name is nice...)
"L'Amour" (DS-AMOUR): lovey dovey layouts (One of them's very pink but the other is nice and brown to make up for the sweetness overload - haha)
"Pretty As a Picture" (DS-PICTURE) - Altered wood frames (more prettiness. Pardon the bad pic and the sweetness - its Valentines soon that's why)


~Sasha Farina~ said...

amazing sneaks.. i might just have to sign up one morning. . . so i actually have valid reason to be at Wheelock at 10am :D

Julie said...

Loving the sneek peeks. The yall look great.