Thursday, June 24, 2010

July Sneaks are Out

July class sneaks are out on the laines blog. Go sign up!!! I'm really looking forward to seeing all of you again in class - this long holiday is turning me into something of a slug...

And here's something I made in my pre-slug days (aka last month):

Mini Album: "Free Spirit"

We played with the Melody Ross chip art tool from g.c.d. in class (its used on the brown semi-circle chipboard piece) and it was good fun hammering on the classroom floor!

The kids are making the most of the last few holi-days and I think I will join them. Tomorrow....back to work!


Shirley said...

Hey sluggy! Your projects are the envy of every scrapbooker, me included! How can the blood from stone look like those fantastic projects I saw at Laines??!!

Chok Keun said...

Oh, loving the "Free Spirit Album" the colors are all my favorite!

Kathy said...

this is a beautiful mini album, love your blog

Juli@Ruf said...

Восхитительно!!! Delightful!!!