Saturday, June 12, 2010

Today is Saturday...

And I still haven't started designing....

We spent Thursday at Pasir Ris Park, playing in the slight drizzle (You can tell the Critters didn't care one bit about getting rained on):

please oh please can we come back here again?

And since I still have nothing new to show you, here's something from last month:

This is my "Vampire Album" class (aka Clear Album) using a Maya Road clear acyrlic album.

Happy Accident of the Bloody Kind:

Here's what I did to create the 'stain' on the top right corner of this clear page:
1. Drip various colours of alcohol ink on the back of the clear acrylic page (I used black, red, orange, gold silver)

2. Wait for a while till the ink is almost dry (it should look sticky, not glossy)

3. Press another acrylic page onto the ink and press down, then lift. It will make those lovely 'veins' and streaks.

It's very much a 'hit and miss' thing and you may find yourself erasing it off with blending solution a couple of times before it looks the way you want it to, but its super fun trying!

Then, it looks really nice if you stamp (with Staz On ink) on the front of the page (I stamped these lovely Purple Onion leaves) 'cos the thickness of the acrylic page makes a little 'depth'. And I glued a piece of patterned paper behind it so you can see the colours of the ink better.

Here are more pics of the album (You can tell I went really crazy with the stamping - almost all Purple Onion ones):

A big thank you to everyone for signing up! Hope you had fun making a mess!

Now I really have to get cracking on July's classes.


feli said...

love the happy accident, sharon!! did you do some embossing too?

sharon Ong said...
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sharon Ong said...

yup! Did embossing a lot too!

Wati Basri said...

saw this in real it :) loads of techs!!

Chok Keun said...

Love the vampire album, so cool!