Monday, September 12, 2011

Kampung Days...

The September school hols are over.  It's back to school for the Critters and back to the old routine for me.  This past week has been very 'kampung like' somehow (kampung = village in Malay)...with a real sense of community, family and the enjoyment of simple things...

1. Comics are more fun with a buddy
2.  Stray kittens are a little scruffy but they are very cute
3.  Home made pomelo lanterns are best
4.  Clayton - a new friend given by a dear friend
5.  Fun with strange fruit
6. sunset and satay by the sea
7. Crocodiles are scary when provoked
8. Sympathy for the ostriches
9. Teasing Berry is fun
10. hanging with the cousins - sorry no pic

And here's a layout that has a bit of the 'kampung' feel eh?

And in keeping with true kampung community spirit, here's a little tutorial on how I made the leaves for this layout:

You'll Need: scalloped circle punch (medium sized ones are nice), scrap paper, scissors, stapler.
 1. Punch out scalloped circles with your punch. (double sided pattern paper works well)
 2.  Fold the circle in half and staple it at an angle (see pic)
 3.  Gently re-open the circle, folding it outwards such that the stapled part ends up as the 'underside' of the leaf.
4. Finish off with ink to highlight the creases (of course)
5. Make some more.

Have fun!


Sue said...

I like that montage of how you spent your week, Sharon. So nice! Great layout too. What did you use on the wavy bit of the layout? It looks like little dew drops.

Blossom inch said...

awesome page Sharon, lovely details!

sharon Ong said...

@Sue - that's UTEE Flex. It's not supposed to be used this way, but whatever works right? haha

June Goh said...

i love the layout. gives me a crunchy feel. LOL.

donna mikasa said...

great collage--love that pomelo lantern! so much texture on your layout, and a wonderful leaf tutorial!

teacher jessy said...

Totally diggin the utee!! Well it works! You are so clever. Love all the kampung photos :)