Thursday, September 1, 2011

September Brings.....

1.  A Little Card:

Over at Scrap for Help, the September challenge is up!!!  There's lots to see from the design team and some really brilliant ideas for using recycled items.

For this challenge, I snipped off bits of the plastic net bag that came with our oranges and used them to add a little texture to a card (see if you can spot it):
[All papers from majadesign]

The card's a bit of a cop-out actually.... I originally wanted to do a whole layout covered entirely with the netting, but then it ended up looking a little 'sleazy' somehow (reminded me a bit too much of fishnet stockings - maybe I shouldn't have painted it all black.... haha).

2. A Small Mention

of me here - don't really know what they're saying about me in Norwegian, but I'm assuming its all good! :)  I am honoured and thankful.

3. A Short Holiday 
with a little break for us and the kids over the weekend.... catch you when I come back!


Sue Lui said...

That's a really lovely card, Sharon. I love it to bits. :) And congrats on your Swedish mention.

Julia Cheang said...

Congratulations on your Swedish mention and belated birthday greetings I guess. Many happy returns! I love your beautiful creations and enjoy your classes. Looking forward to seeing more inspirations from you in future. :)

Lena_J said...

Nice blog, and you are not mentioned in a Swedish forum. But a Norwegian ;-)
And she is telling us that you have a gorgeous blog, and that you are a big inspiration for her, and she get even more impressed by you for every visit to your blog..

Heather Jacob said...

a total STUNNER !!!!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FANTASTIC !!!!! love it truly love it ... hugz x

Unknown said...

Ahhh!!! Thanks for pointing out! Its Norwegian!!! Must correct it!

Blossom inch said...

Congrats and this card are gorgeous!

lyndis said...

See what google translate churned out. :)
On one of my many blog wanderings I found a blog that showed the most beautiful paper creations you can imagine. Varied and professional team. Now I have followed this blog for a while, and getting more and more impressed.

I asked the lady behind the blog if she would like to set up the portrait here on and the lady replied sporty yes right away.

Thank you, Sharon, that you want to share some projects and a little about yourself with your readers here.

- WencheJ -

Thanks for the help from you, Sharon Ong. We appreciate that you were sporty and stood up for us here at Here is a banner you can have your blog if you want, and link back here;