Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rusty Suitcase Version 2

Here's an altered suitcase class which ran last month.

It's got all my favourite colours and stamping and I had some fun stamping adventures along the way... I wrote down steps so you can try too!

Stamping Adventure 1: Fuzzy Background print

1.  Stamp with Archival ink on the back of a Hambly Screen Print (the slightly shimmery kind)
2. and after waiting a while, buff it off with a dry tissue.
- the image will become fainter and fuzzy plus all the excess ink gives the whole paper a brownish tinge.

Stamping Adventure 2: Embossing + Gesso

1. Emboss images on the surface with gold embossing ink.
2. Paint a thin layer of white gesso over everything
3. Use a cloth to rub off the gesso so the images show through
4. Stain everything with Distress ink

A big thank you to all who attended the Rusty Suitcase Version 2 class!  I am really glad to hear so many of you had fun (despite all the stamping and 'scrubbing' we had to do).


Blossom inch said...

this is one beautiful and drop that gorgeous suitcase! very vintage and so lovely! Love love love love love love the whole thing!

Heather Jacob said...

love it !!!!!! a totally super duper awesome project .... love every little piece of it .. hugz x

Anesha said...

Wonderful creation, love it!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

that is beautiful!! *cough*cough*... make one for me. LOL.

donna mikasa said...

love this, Sharon! what a great project!

Cindy Adkins said...

WOW, this is beyond amazing. I LOVE it, Sharon!!!