Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Eventually Everything Turns to Brown

We had a lot of misting fun in this class in October.  Shirley and I 'wrapped' the entire table in plastic and chicken rice paper so that everyone could mist to their hearts content.  Love watching people play like that....its what makes class fun.

Everybody got to create their own colour scheme for the book 'cos all the colour washes on the pages were made with mist.  There were pinky-orangey-purpley pages,  greeny-bluey-yellowy pages, even pastely pinky bluey pages.

I tried to make mine teal and green and orange....but as always, everything turns to brown....and my orange got turned into brown instead (oh well):
Hmmm....for some reason, when I look at it now, I find the frou frou tulle ribbon on the rings very weird looking.  Think I'll get rid of them.

The book is made from this:
along with some canvas pages.  Here's a few of the pages on the inside:

canvas page
 my favourite page (colour-wise)
 my favourite page (photo-wise)
K, bye bye. Gotta run.  I promised myself that all of next month's classes will NOT be my usual colour schemes....let see how it turns out.

and oh, p.s:  for those of you who were asking about extra packs of Fastenation add-ons that you can buy, there are still some left at the store (laines) so you can drop by.  (Nows a good time to get them I think - you know, discounts and stuff)


Shirley said...

Yup! It certainly was loads of fun! Loved the fact that everybody's turned out differently! And yes, there's quite alot of those gorgeous fastenation add ons still!

Sue Lui said...

Lovely album, Sharon. I like the colours. ;) Brown and teal.

Blossom inch said...

WOW...canteknyer, the front page is it acrylic and the rest of it know in KL we don't have va va voom supplies like SGP la... this is awesome babe..totally love your colour washed effect and great technique of misting - absolutely making me blown away very far...already!!! two thumbs up!

Heather Jacob said...

what a stunner !!!you make the most amazing minis .. love them and those colours are awesome ... hugz

I have just posted a xmas handbag on my art and soul blog ... xox