Friday, November 11, 2011

Reasons to Celebrate!!!

Purple Onion's got loads of new stamps out!  They're super fun and all the super talented Purple Onion DT gals have been making loads of lovely samples.

This one by Courtney Kelley my favourite! Simple, effective, perfectly executed!  And perfect for the current post-exam celebratory mood at the Ngoo house (heh heh)

There are loads more awesome cards to see here 
And you can check out the new stamps here

Go go go! Click click click!


Tiffany said...

Oh, this is sooo cute, love the color!

jazsutra said...

sharon! this is beery cute! and Congrats for having your Maya Rd lil house featured !!! awesome awesome very awesome project!!!


Heather Jacob said...

Sharon everything you do is so perfect ... even a simple card like this .... you always seem to know when to stop .. this is simply fabulous .. hugz x

sharon Ong said...

Hey heather! You're such a sweetie! Always saying such nice things! But this card is not mine! It's Courtney Kelley's! :)

Cynthia Lloréns said...

Hi my dear and sweet friend!!!
I´m seat in here and just look your blog for several minutes....and I can describe hoe amazing is your work you are fabulous do great work with so many peaces and they turn amazing and a fenomenal job!!!!
I really love each detail from all your work.
I have a dream to have a class with you.!!!!This is one of my wishes from Santa!!!!!
I will like to say thanks for all your visit and lovely words you always such a big friend!!!!Thanks from my hart.
I wish a great weekend.
Kisses and a big huges.