Saturday, December 24, 2011

Joyous Christmas

Thank you for choosing to spend time this year reading things I wrote, looking at things I made and even taking time to encourage me in my work.  I am always grateful and humbled that you would take time to visit and encourage me when life has so many more pressing and important matters at hand.  So, thank you.

And this Christmas I want to wish you Joy....
You know the happy feeling you get when you're scrapping? (or buying scrapbooking products - heh), Or the feeling you get when people leave nice comments on your blog? Well, this Christmas I wish you more than that...

I want to wish you deep enduring joy, the kind that is not dependent on whether we have our 'scrapping mojo' or how many pieces of patterned paper we have; the kind of joy that remains regardless of our circumstances.

I wish you the Joy that Jesus brings. 
A joyous Christmas to you and all yours.



teacher jessy said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family! You have been an awesome inspiration and no doubt I will be back to see more from you :)

~Sasha Farina~ said...


and thank you for being you, my beautiful friend. one thing I will always have for you, when i see you = squishy hugs! :) Merry Christmas! I love you.

Betty said...

Merry Christmas! Love this layout!

JuPooh65 said...

Thank you and joy to you too this coming new year. Your pages are just marvelous!! You have been blessed with a great talent. thanks for sharing it with all of us.
Peace AND JOY!

Cynthia Lloréns said...

Hi sweet and dear friend!!I love your page and all the details are great!!
Thank you so much for be such a great and dear friend and for all the lovely comments you have written in my blog in 2011!!!
Thanks for your suport in scrapforhelp always do a perfect and extraordinary job!!I fell so honored to have you in our team!!
I wish a wonderful 2012 to you and your family !! I like you a lot sweet.
Big huges and kisses with much love.

Heather Jacob said...

how beautiful .. this brings a great big smile to my face .... so much love and beauty .. hugz x

Lisa L said...

I love your style Sharon. Happy New Year, hope you had a wonderful holiday!