Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Living the Good Life

Life is good...
But yesterday, we had a spot of trouble at home...frustration, a bit of a meltdown, emotional drama, worry, anxiety and all the things that go along with things not going along as we feel they should. (come to think of it, whoever said that things are supposed to go along as you think they should anyway?)

And yet, today, I pause and give thanks again that I am "living the good life" - because
- I have hope that God is able where I am not
- I am surrounded by love in all its forms - concern, advice, worry, time, listening, silence...
- the Goodness of life comes from an everlasting source and not my own limited well of trying hard to be good or make others good.

So....It's all Good.  :)
canvas album with spool tie closure
 inner cover
 the inside pages have flaps (in a weird orientation...)
 and 'windows' for pictures (words stamped with white Staz On)
This was a class we ran in January and I hope you guys had fun getting confused over which way the flaps flap! Thank you again, for joining me for classes in 2012! I'm back!  :)


donna mikasa said...

Hi Sharon! It looks like a good life to me! Great family shot, awesome album!

Blossom inch said...

I am sure you had a great trip to Anaheim and such a beautiful family picture in this post and gorgeous album and work as always! Come la to KL and teach how you did the album in such a way that once opened there are big pictures to see and the stamping on the photo is brilliant idea! totally love the clustering on the page and the spools tie as a closure. Totally divine and stunning work, Sharon!

lynklee said...

love the cheery colours! we are going thru a spot of tough times ourselves, but through it all we can see God's hand of grace, nonetheless.

Terence said...

yay! u are back! i can take a break now!!! :)

Lisa S. said...

You have such a beautiful family and tfs the photo! We all have days like that but you are right, life is good.
Love your album cover and wondering aloud if you ever offer online classes. If so, sign me up!

Heather Jacob said...

wow with a capital W !!
you are one of the best scrapbookers I know .... looooovvveeeee everything you do , your colors are amazing .. hugz x
hope all is going ok now ???

Sasha Farina said...

meltdown and tantrums are a daily occurence here. well, almost daily. haha! but yes, i agree with you.. life is GOOD!

Sadilla said...

This is so beautiful dear... and you are very talented!!! =) Yes sometimes things don't go the way we wish... but I always think "somebody over us" will take care of it, and tomorrow it will be better!! =)
I didn't know your blog, and I think I'll be back often to see your lovely projects!!