Saturday, August 25, 2012

September Class Sneaks!

There are lots of exciting things coming up in September...
one is a secret....shhh...(tell you on August 31)

And the others are not so secret.  Here are three album classes that I designed for September's class.

one album's bound with rings and has pull tabs: (CS - TODAY)

one is 12X12" and has an altered cover and 20 pages all to be completed in a 4 hour class (CS - ALBUM)

and another is handsewn with twill strap hinges, button sewn spine and lots of vintagey bits. (CS-REMINISCE)

sorry if the sneaks are a little fuzzy....I snapped these in a hurry with my phone so they aren't fantastic. But all the albums are at the store already so you can see them up close in person and that's always better right? :)

See you in September!


Wendy Kwok said...

sounds like fun! I wish to take one of your classes again.
Time time time!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Ohhhhhhhhh loving those sneaks!!!