Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Back to Nature

Being married to a gardening man means having
- a giant compost heap in front of our house
- rhinoceros beetle grubs in said compost heap (they're gross!!! about the size of your thumb and you can see the insides.....ewww)
- worries whenever the mosquito check guy from the Ministry of the Environment comes by.
- moth pupae that you can watch as they hatch

But best of all, it means the kids learn about nature from nature - not just from books. (And as they've discovered, its much messier than in the books)

Beth's gardening Adventure:

Beth finds a potato
- for some reason, there is a lonely potato sitting along our corridor

"I will plant it!" she says (Cuteness almost wins over praticality)

Papa to the rescue (the cute pot is reluctantly given up)

Good to go! Now we wait!

Here's Mummy getting back to nature:

I think I overdid it with the ink a bit 'cos you can hardly see the bird in the cage, but...oh well.

Hey, if you're ever in Simei and you pass a house with a 'jungle' outside, wave hello! I'll let you have a rhinoceros beetle grub!


June said...

Seriously, my boys will go gaga over your beetle!! It so cool to have gardening space out door. *envy*

Anonymous said...

The inking was too bad you know.. it kind of give the cage a 3D effect.. as in like.. the shadow.. nice .. i like.. and beth look really pretty :)

evelyn.boon.s.k said...

Can i wave to you from the MRT on route to Tampines! hahaha! I lurve beetles

Carol said...

So you probably know this because of your gardener, but the rhinoceros beetle is stronger than any other animal on the planet, in relation to its size. Or so we heard ages ago on a nature show. My daughter tries to explain its stronger than an elephant and people just think she's nuts! Ha!

jazsutra said...

i will purpose go down to simei and wave hello then.hee sharon, your garden sounds interesting ;) will hear about beth's potato soon ya ;)

and the card is so tweet ;)


Wendy Kwok said...

This card comes in your colors - green and browns. So lovely!

Lyndis said...

Didn't know you have a ground floor unit! There's a really elaborate 'garden' in front of one near the coffeeshop at the St 1 end. :)

Will wave when i pass by! hee.

teacher jessy said...

I love hse with a garden too, just love seeing them but not maintaning them. LOL!! Your hubby has such green hands, I can't even plant anything!! LOL. Your DD is just so adorable, such a pretty gal :)