Wednesday, April 14, 2010

POD = Purple Onion Designs

I'm about to leave for a long busy day at work.....with Sis and Mer and Cyn. Yay!!!

But before I go, here's a POD card for you because you always come to my blog and look see look see and always say sweet sweet things to me to make me happpy.

(and yes, I made this cute pink thing.....somehow distressing the ice creams would have seemed rather wrong....haha)

I'm off!


Lia said...

Yummy! :)

Valencia said...

loved it!

Peijuan said...

This is so cute :)

Yr die-hard fan! said...

So sweet! how did you add the colours? copic markers?

sharon Ong said...

Stole my daughter's coloured pencils - haha! Then put glossy accents over it for a bit of shine. Hope that helps!