Friday, April 30, 2010

Reasons to Smile

1. Someone gave me flowers (green one's a sunflower bud) - (Incidentally, he never ever buys me flowers. I always get 'strange stuff' like this. I say its called being cheap, he says its called being unique - haha!)

2. Benny has a sense of humour (black part's the flush button)

3. I finally did this:
I have been trying to scrap this photo for ages...finally got round to it and did some happy experiments along the way.

Journaling: "You said it would be fun.....You said, 'we'll be there before you know it'.....You said, "I don't think its very far off".......Yeah, Sure!!!"

Experiments to try again in future:
1. Ink with a dry paint brush (with a dabbing motion) - used it around the photo and along the bottom

2. Glimmer Mist over eyelets.

3. Folded 'y' shaped grass

(And yes, I used the same paper on the card in the previous post)

Smile! The weekend's here!


teacher jessy said...

Haha... Looking at Darth Vader on the throne is so funny!! Gosh you are seriously an ink queen!! Love how you play with ink & mist.

Betty said...

I like this layout! Still rememeber this photo when you first show me...hhahaha

Chok Keun said...

Thanks a real unique gift you received! What a great layout, loving all the inking, misting and details... and thanks for sharing some of the techniques that you used!

feli said...

love the grass you created and that you did some misting with eyelets! cool one sharon!