Friday, April 9, 2010

Keep in Touch...

And I do think that that saying ought to be taken seriously - both figuratively AND literally - especially with the ones you love.a good hubby lets wife pose his hand while he works on the computer

Benny and DD

Besties - Beth and Charmaine

And in keeping with the theme of today's post.....
- Card for Purple Onion Designs (stamps: What's the Point? Vintage PostCARD set, Antique Fair Set)
- Paper - Graphic 45

Told You I was Corny: (sorry, couldn't resist. Corniness makes me happy)
1. The pointing finger is touching the word "touch"
2. The card shows different ways you can keep in touch (writing letters, calling on the phone. Sorry, couldn't find any pics of email...) know I haven't been around as much at Laine's.....but keep in touch ok?


Anonymous said...

Love the photos, can't wait to see them in a layout.
Maybe use a little envelop with an "@" on it for email? =)

feli said...

love the idea of how you use images to portray the keep in touch idea... :)

Edleen said...

being corny is actually good :D
love your card! the photos are great with Happy Faces :)

Lia said...

Thinking of you, and wanted to say Hi. And what an appropriate post to leave this message on. :)