Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How to Make Your Husband Happy

Put your scrapbooking skills to good use and make him something he likes!

Hubby doesn't like the fact that his bible is all soft and floppy and likely to get raggedySo, with a little scrapbooking know-how, some chipboard, patterned paper, lots of Claudine Hellmuth Studio multi-medium and Sticky Back Canvas, I 'fixed' it:I kept pretty close to the colours of the original 'cos he liked it and incorporated his favourite verses into the cover. And 'cos its gonna get handled a lot, I kept everthing pretty flat and sealed it with multi-medium. Used Sticky Back canvas on the spine so that its still flexible.

So, go make something for your man - then maybe he won't complain the next time you go shopping for scrapbooking supplies - haha!


Merdrey said...

Really good idea!! But wonder if my man is going to let me alter/fix his cameras..hmmm

teacher jessy said...

That is a good idea!! Maybe I should fix Mr.Handsome's bible too. His is getting "rugged" too. Lol!! I love ur idea alot, you are a genius!!

G said...

Really Cool... Maybe I should fix my mum's one also.. :)

Anonymous said...

great idea sharon. my man is forever complaining abt my SB purchases (cos I am always buying :P)
and thanks alot for visiting my blog! :)

feli said...

i love the idea sharon! thanks for sharing! :)

jazsutra said...

What a great idea!!! tfs ;) have a blessed weekend ;)